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Rules & Regulations

At WLOC, we constantly strive to make our club not only entertaining, but safe for all of our members.

WLOC — Rules and Regulations (Effective 2019)


Membership card will be carried at all times on club property

  • Must have current membership card with you for identification, while using or on the Range
  • No driving or parking on cement shooting walkways: No driving on Rifle or Pistol range
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after using club property
  • No willful destruction of club property; exploding targets are strictly prohibited


Membership runs from February 1st to January 31st – see by-laws for all membership requirements Dues must be paid by February 1stOtherwise you must re-apply for membership

Prior to receiving membership card and gate combination New Members MUST:

  1. Have sponsorship of existing member who has been in good standing 2 years
  2. Attend first meeting with sponsor
  3. Attend orientation session
  4. Work 10 hours every year for the club; for new members starting February 2018

Rifle and Pistol Range

  • Range hours are 9am to dusk — see posted signs
  • Range closed during special events
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted to use RIFLE Range without supervision of an adult member
  • No one under the age of 21 is permitted to use the PISTOL Range without supervision of an adult member; unless permitted by Federal and/or WV State Law, i.e.: Military and Law Enforcement agencies are excluded
  • When Law Enforcement is using the range for qualifying: Law Enforcement Range Officer will give directions on use of the range. Range is still open to members
  • Obey all range signs and commands
  • Do not go forward of firing line until a safe line has been called. Firearms will not be handled when anyone is in front of the firing line
  • No loud or profane language permitted. The range is for all individuals and families to enjoy
  • No one shall handle or shoot firearms on the ranges while, or after, consuming alcoholic beverages: no illegal drugs of any kind are permitted
  • Rifle and Pistol Range users must sign range sign in sheet, INCLUDING Guests
  • Only ONE Guest is allowed and must be accompanied by a card-carrying member. That Guest is eligible for use of Range ONE TIME ONLY, then must become a member to use range facilities again.
  • Pistol Range: Elevate targets: so rounds will go into the backstop and make sure the targets are not angled at the corner of the club building
  • Pistol Range: no shooting from behind a line extending from building doors to the pistol range shelter
  • Store range target stands under shelter to keep them dry and secure when done
  • No shooting rifles or shotguns on the pistol range
  • Paper targets only on ranges: no bottles, wood or metal etc. to be used for targets. Clean up after use, including spent casings, targets, food wrappers, beverage containers etc.
  • In case of an emergency call 911 and stay there until help arrives. Emergency numbers and directions are posted in or on range boxes and inside on club house bulletin boards

This is your club, please respect it. Members violating the above rules are subject to disciplinary and or legal action by the Board of Directors: which may include expulsion from the WLOC.

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